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Crystal River, Florida
      Manatee Experience Trip: Jan 13 - 16. 2017

$365 PP/Dbl Occ.

LET'S GO DIVING AND HAVE SOME FUN!  This will be an exciting experience for everyone involved whether a snorkeler or a scuba diver.

We will be snorkeling with the Manatees Saturday morning and enjoying the Manatee festival in the afternoon,  Sunday we will be drift diving down the Rainbow River.  Then  diving at Troy springs on Monday before heading home.

Come join us and have some fun!  Reserve your space now for a great, fun-filled weekend.

3 Nights lodging,

Instructor / Guide Fee
Manatee snorkel.

State park and water taxi fees on Rainbow River.

Entry fees at Troy Springs state park.

Deposit of $100 to hold your spot.

Final payment Due Two Fridays before trip weekend

Not Included:
Equipment Rentals
Air fills, Boat tips

What to Bring:
Standard Scuba Gear and (mask, fins, snorkel, weights, weight belt, dive knife, dive tables and dive log etc.)

To be provided.

For more information, call UnderSea Adventures
(404) 321-4006


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