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Join the wonderful underwater world of scuba diving.  Gain an international scuba certification through the most safe, comprehensive and state-of-the-art program available.  This certification is your passport to underwater adventures.

NAUI's exceptional leadership, sound educational materials, and true concern for the individual has resulted in the most respected safety record in the recreational diving community.  So, when you enroll in our diving program, you can be assured you're receiving the finest diving education available.  Our instructors won't accept anything less...and neither should you.

Students will learn about diving equipment, physics, physiology, environment, dive tables, decompression theory, safety, navigation, and dive planning as well as mastering water skills needed for safe and comfortable diving.

Why should I take my SCUBA Diver Course through UnderSea Adventures?  We only offer courses sanctioned through NAUI.  There are many certifying agencies, NAUI is the only non-profit training agency.  NAUI instructors are not limited to minimum standards, but are allowed to go above and beyond the industry minimums.  We offer the most comprehensive SCUBA training available!

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The NAUI Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries course represents entry-level training designed to educate divers and interested nondivers (such as a charter boat captain) to recognize scuba diving injuries and to provide emergency oxygen first aid.  Emergency oxygen should be provided for the injured diver while activating the local emergency medical system or other similar local procedure and arranging for transportation to the nearest available medical facility.

In addition, this course will introduce novice divers to the fundamentals of dive accident recognition, response and management.  This program provides an excellent training opportunity for divers and continuing education for leadership-level divers and instructors.

$125.00 Fee

Prerequisite: 15 year old minimum
Advanced Scuba Diver, Openwater II certification or equivalent required
Instructor: Shirley Sellers



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The use of Enriched Air Nitrox as specified in this course is based on nearly 40 years of successful use of the gas mixtures by military and scientific divers for hundreds of thousands of dives.  This course consists of approximately four hours of lectures and classroom exercises during which you will develop a working knowledge of Enriched Air Nitrox, physiological aspects of breathing oxygen at elevated partial pressures, computation of equivalent air depths, use of dive tables, oxygen analysis, dive planning, and special equipment requirements.  Upon successful completion of the one evening training program, students will be authorized to advance to open water diving, breathing Enriched Air Nitrox.

Cost $275

Prerequisite: Scuba diver certified                                     
Instructor: Scooter Sellers or Ron Barbieri



Weekend Courses

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Increase your diving experience and comfort under the supervision of an instructor.   Challenging skills such as limited visibility diving, compass patterns, search and recovery, deeper diving, rescue procedures and leadership are mastered.  Course consists of six openwater dives over two days.

Cost $425


bullet NAUI CAVERN or CAVE Training

NAUI Certification

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Explore a very different type of environment as a cavern or cave diver.   These courses will prepare you for penetration diving as well as greatly increase your diving skills for recreational diving.  The first course, cavern, will certify you to dive in the daylight zone along with some other restrictions.  Once mastered, you may then progress into the cave during the cave diving class.   Enjoy lots of diving with these certifications, or continue your training to become an advanced cave diver.

Lectures will be held at UnderSea Adventures with the water training held in the Florida springs.

Cavern Diver           - $600 + Diving cost

Cave Diver Level 1   - $1500 + Diving cost

Cave Diver Level 2   - $1500 + Diving cost

Cave Diver Level 3   - $1500 + Diving cost

Prerequisite: 18 year old minimum, 75 logged dives
Introduction to Technical Diving required.
Cavern diver is NOT required prior to Cave.
Instructor: Scooter Sellers


Weekend or weeknight courses available to accommodate your schedule.

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Gain a deeper understanding of diving through focused academic study and the development of superior water skills.  Recognized by diving professionals around the world as the most comprehensive and challenging advanced training program available to recreational scuba divers today, the NAUI Master Scuba Diver program will expose you to new realms of self-exploration and expand your appreciation and understanding of the underwater realm.

Students will be educated and have practical training in topics to include: physics, physiology, medical aspects, fitness, hazards, equipment, environment, navigation, limited visibility/night diving, search and recovery, light salvage, deep diving, simulated decompression diving, diving computers, emergency procedures and leadership.

Cost $750

Prerequisite: Minimum age is 15
Advanced Scuba Diver, Nitrox Diver certification or equivalent required.
Instructor: Scooter Sellers


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