S&S UnderSea Adventures
                          3193 Evelyn Street, Tucker GA 30084

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Scooter & Shirley
Shirley Sellers

About Us...

S&S UnderSea Adventures is a full-service Diving Center, owned and operated by Shirley Sellers

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At S&SUSA, we are continually offering classes to educate divers.  From learning how to be a safe diver, to gaining more confidence through experience and challenging skills, to diving in new environments.  We offer a full range of educational opportunities such as:

Training Levels:
bulletSCUBA Diver
bulletAdvanced SCUBA Diver
bulletRescue SCUBA Diver
bulletMaster SCUBA Diver
bulletAssistant Instructor
bulletSkin Diving Instructor
bulletInstructor Trainer
bulletTechnical Diving Instructor
bulletWreck Diving
bulletDeep Diving
bulletCavern Diving
bulletCave Diving
bulletU/W Photography
bulletDecompression Diving
bulletNitrox Diving
bulletTechnical Nitrox
bulletOxygen Provider
bulletFirst Aid/CPR

Please see the Training pages for class descriptions, and the Calendar pages to find the right times and classes to fit your schedule.

If you need more information, please feel free to e-mail us, or give us a call at:   (404) 321-4006.


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